Spend less time grading and more time with the kids

Save 80% of the time grading and get instant unbiased feedback on your students' assignments.
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    Google Classroom Integration

    You seamlessly import your students' assignments from Google Classroom. We then grade and provide feedback, for your review. Once reviewed, you can then export them back to Google Classroom with 1 click.

Leverage A.I. to make grading a breeze

It's a never-ending task that consumes valuable time and energy, often leaving teachers frustrated and overwhelmed. With CoGrader, grading becomes a breeze. You will have more time for what really matters: teaching, supporting students and providing them with meaningful feedback.
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Meet your CoGrader

Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get feedback on your students' assignments instantaneously, detect ChatGPT usage and see class data analytics.

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    Streamline your grading process and save hours or days.

  • Scale

    Remove human biases from the equation with CoGrader's objective and fair grading system. 

  • Feedback

    Provide lightning-fast comprehensive feedback to your students, helping them understand their performance better.

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    Detect ChatGPT usage attempts, leveraging CoGrader's advanced algorithms.

  • Chart

    Get an x-ray of your class's performance to spot challenges and strengths, and inform planning.

  • Cloud download

    Import assignments from Google Classroom to CoGrader, and export reviewed feedback and grades back to it.

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Teachers love CoGrader.

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What I really dig about CoGrader is its spot-on qualitative feedback. It's so precise, it's downright mind-blowing. It's a huge time-saver for me, and my students end up getting more thorough feedback than if I were grading by hand.
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Nikki E.

ELA, High School, California

How does CoGrader work?

It's easy to supercharge your grading process
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    Import Assignments from Google Classroom

    CoGrader will automatically import the prompt given to the students and all files they have turned in.
    Classroom integration
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    Define Grading Criteria

    Use our rubric template, based on your State's standards, or set up your own grading criteria to align with your evaluation standards, specific requirements and teaching objectives.
    Define Grading Criteria
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    Get Grades, Feedback and Reports

    CoGrader generates detailed feedback and justification reports for each student, highlighting areas of improvement together with the grade.
    Demographic processes
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    Review and Adjust

    The teacher has the final say! Adjust the grades and the feedback so you can make sure every student gets the attention they deserve.
    Review and Adjust

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CoGrader: the AI copilot for teachers.

Our Manifesto

We believe in the power of technology to transform education. We envision a world where educators can focus on nurturing students' potential and inspiring their growth, rather than drowning in a sea of endless non-productive tasks. Our mission is to provide educators with useful tech that actually improves learning and makes educators' life easier. Join us on this journey to transform education. Together, we will shape a future where learning becomes more effective, fair and engaging.

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  • 80% Time Saved

    ... while giving better and more timely feedback

  • Boosts Performance

    Data-driven instruction can directly lead to improved academic results

  • Removes Bias

    Ensure fair grading by minimizing bias through objective assessment

  • Consistent Rubric

    Tailor CoGrader to your own grading approach and be in control

  • ChatGPT Detection

    Automatically assess the risk of AI-generated content

  • Classroom Analytics

    Easily see how the kids are doing and identify focus areas for upcoming classes