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CoGrader is the AI Essay Grader that helps teachers provide quality feedback on essays in 80% less time.

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Google Classroom Integration
You seamlessly import your students' assignments from Google Classroom. We then grade and provide feedback, for your review. Once reviewed, you can then export them back to Google Classroom with 1 click.

The AI Essay Grader that makes  
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Grading essays manually is a never-ending task that consumes valuable time and energy, often leaving teachers frustrated and overwhelmed

With CoGrader, grading becomes a breeze. You will have more time for what really matters: teaching, supporting students and providing them with meaningful feedback.

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Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get draft Feedback on your students' assignments instantaneously and see class data analytics.

Save time and Effort

Streamline your grading process and save hours or days.

Ensure fairness and consistency

Remove human biases from the equation with CoGrader's objective and fair grading system.

Provide better feedback

Provide lightning-fast comprehensive feedback to your students, helping them understand their performance better.

Class Analytics

Get an x-ray of your class's performance to spot challenges and strengths, and inform planning.

Google Classroom Integration

Import assignments from Google Classroom to CoGrader, and export reviewed feedback and grades back to it.

Canvas and Schoology compatibility

Export your assignments in bulk and upload them to CoGrader with one click.

More features soon

Streamline your grading process and save hours or days.

Teachers love CoGrader

I started my free trial period - and I am LOVING it! I recently had my 85 sixth grade students write a narrative that would have taken me weeks to grade. With CoGrader, they were graded with amazing feedback in, literally, seconds.
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J. Taylor.
ELA, High School
What I really dig about CoGrader is its spot-on qualitative feedback. It's so precise, it's downright mind-blowing. It's a huge time-saver for me, and my students end up getting more thorough feedback than if I were grading by hand.
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Nikki M.
ELA, High School

Thank you again.  I am excited to assign more writing (my kids need so much practice!) now that I can give them specific and objective feedback more quickly. I may even postpone my retirement because of your product! I am 61, and now I think I can make it to 65.

Irene H., California

I am absolutely blown away by CoGrader so far! It has been excellent for pre-scoring essays and providing students with comprehensive, usable feedback. It has helped mitigate my subjectivity in scoring as well.

Megan P., Kentucky

I have been wishing for something like CoGrader since I started teaching and this is like a miracle to me. I think the feedback I'm going to be able to give my students is just unbelievable. I keep running around school telling everyone about it.

Mad M., Florida

I used CoGrader to assess 30 personal narratives with my own rubric. It was amazing! I loved all the personalized feedback for each student.
Although it took a bit to figure out the logistics since I don't use Google classroom, it was worth it! I was able to get those papers graded in record time and still had plenty of time to enjoy the rest of my spring break!

Michelle H., Indiana

I am really enjoying getting familiar with CoGrader, and my students are finding the feedback very useful. This could be a game-changer for time management, and I am so excited about the possibilities!

Krista R., Indiana

I started my free trial period - and I am LOVING it! I recently had my 85 sixth grade students write a narrative that would have taken me weeks to grade. With CoGrader, they were graded with amazing feedback in, literally, seconds.

Jamie G., New York

I discovered CoGrader today and I can't thank you enough! What usually takes me days (and way too many hours of off-contract time), took me mere hours. It is such a find that I plan on hosting a PD for my staff in the next few weeks.

Heather G., California

I am just getting into using CoGrader and I LOVE it! It is giving much better and more relevant feedback to students than other Al feedback generators do. So, thank you for that!

Amy K., Maryland

THANKS! Co-workers, students and I have compared results from CoGrader with a variety of other AI scoring for AP essays, and yours is BY FAR the most accurate, with the best feedback (I score for the AP Exam).

Cathy U., Massachusetts

So far, I like it very much. It saves me a lot of time because I can quickly see how a student scores and then have the option to edit scores, details, and the reasoning behind it. I especially like that I can upload my own rubrics (we're required to make our own). I appreciate how easy you were to contact, too.

Lisa T., Colorado

I LOVE it and shared it with my co-workers.

Amy B., California

I can't figure out why y'all complain. This is amazing. I almost cried when I used it. It was as if someone handed me my weekends back on a silver platter.

Michelle F., Colorado

I LOVE COGRADER!!!!! I just graded an assignment and sent the feedback to the students to complete a rewrite using the feedback!!!! I teach 9th grade World History.

Susan R., New Jersey

Short version, I absolutely love it.
The feedback it gives is much more detailed than I have time to provide and yet, I'm still able to go in and add my own comments if needed and adjusted points if I want to.
This allows me to assure parents that I AM looking at their children's papers and not just turning them over to an Al to grade. Love it!

Louis S., Washington

Honestly? The concept is pretty damn fantastic. It's the sort of thing I've been hoping would eventually exist. It's doing a pretty good job with my 9th Honors intro paragraphs so far. I love the format of being able to see student writing on the right and seeing feedback (the whole glow, grow, etc. thing is adorable without being too cheesy and I love it). I also like being able to see the rubric and adjust scoring levels.

Amy S., California

Hello, I am testing your Al product and so far it is the best That I have experienced. I teach AP Language and Composition with 138 students in 4 sections that I teach.

James H., Texas

I'II admit, I was skeptical of the site at first. But after using it to grade my students' narratives, I'm pretty much sold on it. I don't think any Al is going to be perfect when it comes to grading essays, but this comes pretty darn close.

Jacob R., Ohio

I'm loving it. I've tried multiple Al grading systems, all have problems with functionality and costs are not very teacher-friendly. However, yours is impressively functional and hasn't cost me a penny. Honestly, I've been waiting for you all to spring a bill on me. (Lol)

Jared S., Texas

I'm really grateful to have access to this! I'm going to play around with it a bit more and make a few templates. I'm curious what it will do with the AP rubrics and scori sample texts. Those are normed, but they also have scoring justifications that would be neat to see how CoGrader reacts to.

Andrew G., Colorado

It gives far more feedback than I would. Especially considering how many essays I grade. This is huge for me. I love that the essay is to the right and I can edit the comments and add my own and adjust the score. I also tested it by posting an essay on my AP Lang facebook group. Essentially asking other AP graders to grade the essay. I scored it a 1/3/0, cograder scored it as a 1/3/0, and the random AP teacher that volunteered to grade the essay scored it a 1/3/0. So that is pretty good.

Jason Y., North Carolina

I am in love with the program so far. Al is a game changer.

Shannon W., Texas

I can already tell it's going to be a game changer! I'm so impressed by the level of feedback and specific improvements it suggests.
Would like to look into your advocate program!

Andrew G., Colorado

I just signed up another teacher, and she cried when she saw how fast CoGrader wrote feedback on the college essays that she is feeling anxious about being 2 weeks late grading.
This is her first full-time teaching job, and she was feeling like a failure, because it's not possible to keep up with what some people expect of her, and what she's been taught to expect of her self.
CoGrader is going to help her stay in teaching.

Andrew G., Colorado

I would absolutely LOVE it if Al would give feedback to my students... Then, give me an overview of their strengths and weaknesses. And point out specifics for students or groups of students for their needs and for their strengths.

Tamara H., New Jersey

How does CoGrader work?

It's easy to supercharge your grading process


Import Assignments From Your Platform

CoGrader works with Google Classroom, Canvas and Schoology.


Define Grading Criteria

Use our rubric template, based on your State's standards, or set up your own grading criteria to align with your evaluation standards, specific requirements and teaching objectives.


Get Grades, Feedback and Reports

CoGrader generates detailed feedback and justification reports for each student, highlighting areas of improvement together with the grade.


Review and Adjust

The teacher has the final say! Adjust the grades and the feedback so you can make sure every student gets the attention they deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CoGrader: the AI copilot for teachers.

What is CoGrader?

You can think of CoGrader as your teaching assistant, who streamlines grading by drafting initial feedback and grade suggestions, saving you time and hassle, and providing top notch feedback for the kids. You can use standardized rubrics and customize criteria, ensuring that your grading process is fair and consistent. Plus, you can detect if your student used ChatGPT to answer the assignment.

How does CoGrader work?

CoGrader considers the rubric and your grading instructions to automatically grade and suggest feedback, using AI. Currently CoGrader integrates with Google Classroom and will soon integrate with other LMS. If you don't use Google Classroom, let your LMS provider know that you are interested, so they speed up the process.

Is it easy to use CoGrader?

Try it out! We have designed CoGrader to be user-friendly and intuitive. We offer training and support to help you get started. Let us know if you need any help.

How does CoGrader protect student privacy?

Privacy matters to us and we're committed to protecting student privacy. We are FERPA-compliant. We use student names to match assignments with the right students, but we quickly change them into a code that keeps the information private, and we get rid of the original names. We don't keep any other personal information about the students. The only thing we do keep is the text of the students' answers to assignments, because we need it for our grading service. This information is kept safe using Google’s secure system, known as OAuth2, which follows all the rules to make sure the information stays private. For a complete understanding of our commitment to privacy and the measures we take to ensure it, we encourage you to read our detailed privacy policy.

What are the benefits of using CoGrader?

CoGrader finally allows educators to provide specific and timely feedback. In addition, it saves time and hassle, ensures consistency and accuracy in grading, reduces biases, and promotes academic integrity.

Can CoGrader detect cheating?

Soon, we'll indicate whether students have used ChatGPT or other AI systems for assignments, but achieving 100% accurate detection is not possible due to the complexity of human and AI-generated writing. Claims to the contrary are misinformation, as they overlook the nuanced nature of modern technology.

How does CoGrader compare to traditional grading methods?

Try it out! We have designed CoGrader to be user-friendly and intuitive. We offer training and support to help you get started. Let us know if you need any help.

How reliable are CoGrader's grade suggestions?

CoGrader uses cutting-edge generative AI algorithms that have undergone rigorous testing and human validation to ensure accuracy and consistency. In comparisons to manual grading, CoGrader typically shows only a small difference of up to ~5% in grades, often less than the variance between human graders. Some teachers have noted that this variance can be influenced by personal bias or the workload of grading. While CoGrader works hard to minimize errors and offer reliable results, it is always a good practice to review and validate the grades (and feedback) before submitting them.

Who is responsible for final grades with CoGrader?

CoGrader is designed to assist educators by streamlining the grading process with AI-driven suggestions. However, the final feedback and grades remain the responsibility of the educator. While CoGrader aims for accuracy and fairness, it should be used as an aid, not a replacement, for professional judgment. Educators should review and validate the grades and feedback before finalizing results. The use of CoGrader constitutes acceptance of these terms, and we expressly disclaim any liability for errors or inconsistencies. The final grading decision always rests with the educator.

Can CoGrader grade assignments in multiple languages?

Try it out! We have designed CoGrader to be user-friendly and intuitive. We offer training and support to help you get started. Let us know if you need any help.

How do I get started with CoGrader?

Just try it out! We'll guide you along the way. If you have any questions, we're here to help. Once you're in, you'll experience saving countless hours and procrastination, and make grading efficient, fair, and helpful.